Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"what is it?"

that is what "manna" means.
it was the white, sweet tasting food God gave the people of Israel in the wilderness. (from the dictionary at the back of this International Children's Bible).

Can you just hear it?
yes, me too. smile.
It being day 3 of  the disguised "zucchini" invents in my kitchen.
"Mom, what IS it?"
They did love the long lasagna cut zuc substitute, and of course the banana/z/blueberry bread :).

I hear it in my life as well.  I don't think I like this...what is it? what IS going on? I don't understand...Manna? It doesn't "taste" right.  Remember the day the manna stopped coming?  I had forgotten about Joshua 5 (but it is referenced under the definition of manna as well)...the next day after the Passover, the Israelites ate food grown on the land and bread made with yeast...and the manna stopped coming.  Now this IS something to think about!
I am enjoying reading this little ICB.  Read more about it here.
Polka Dot Bible, Thomas Nelson
Polka-dot ruffled ribbon Cover Bible
  From what I can remember, my first Bible was the one with Jesus the Shepherd on the cover. Probably NIV.  I would flip through the occasional color pictures inserted throughout.  My favorite was the one of Jesus the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for the sheep.  I think it probably "linked" to the text of Psalm 23.  When I was afraid I would think of that picture with Jesus holding the lamb close to His heart and I knew, stinky, dirty sinful sheep that I am, I am safe because He is my Shepherd.  It was a Bible a child could understand.
For the same reason I appreciate the International Children's Bible.  In this case, it is geared for girls ages 6-12.  It is pink and has real ruffled, polka-dotted ribbon on it...but most importantly, as they flip through the pages God will talk to their hearts.  It is the Holy Word of God. ☺

*Full text of the International Children’s Bible®
*Presentation page for personalizing
*Includes 24 pages of full-color inserts with maps, memory verse section, and a dictionary/concordance

I received a copy of this Bible for the purpose of review.