Sunday, May 12, 2013


right where they
planted ☺.
Spring finally came...
woo hoo!
and with it the realization that in the frozen-cold-sit-by-the-fire
I accepted books to review...
Now that it is so welcoming-sometimes-blue-sky-breezy and beautiful to be outdoors...
well, not so much reading going on.
These 3 books shared the theme of being exactly
"who" God has made you to be, right in the middle of the circumstances He plants you in.

What's Your Mark? is a modern creative celebration of individuals from all times of life
that are making a difference in the world.  A few examples:
Katie Davis started with one "love well".  "It's the tiny moments of saying yes that make for an extraordinary life". Read more at Amazima Ministries.
Caitlin Crosby "We are all in need...beautiful stories waiting to be seen and told."
Ann Voskamp "It's only when you know how much you've ridiculously received grace that you start to ridiculously extend grace."  A Holy Experience

Debbie Morris is a pastor's wife who shares the grace lessons she personally learned from studying the women of the Bible.  This book is a comforting and peaceful read.  The "blessed" part comes when we understand that in life's struggle + joy God is very intentional in loving us.  Each of our little stories have a purpose in HIS story.

In Freefall to Fly Rebecca Lyons shares her personal story of taking  the "risk" to bloom in the circumstances God plants you in.  She shares that sometimes the journey God takes his children on includes pain, brokenness, fear, depression.  These are in fact reminders that He loves broken people and that He IS the strength of the weak.

 I received copies of these books for the purpose of review.